IOT – Internet of Things

What is IOT?
The ‘Internet of Things’ is a network of objects designed to ‘talk’ to each other to share information and take action.

Have you seen the advert where people using their mobile device to control the heating at home whilst they’re on the move? – IOT in its simplest form is that, one device (your mobile or tablet) talking to another via an APP to give a command which in this case is turn the heating on.

Our homes are changing with technology like smart TV’s, Bluetooth kettles, smart fridges, heating and lighting APPS – All of these and much, much more are ways in which we can use our mobile devices to enhance our way of living.

It is not just in the home that this is happening, have a look around you and you will see businesses using IOT data every day, and it will at some stage be something that will benefit your business in one way or another. To find out how IOT may benefit your business then get in touch, we’ll be happy to find ways to improve your business and home life!