What we will do for you

Our aim is simple – It is to make your life easier, more productive and more profitable so if you are a sole trader, small business or a limited company get in touch, we can help you.

We have experienced complicated contracts, non-flexibility for changes or upgrades whilst in contract and unbelievably poor customer service; we also know it is easy to promise it’ll be plain sailing from day one – we’ve heard it all before.

Most of our clients are sole traders or limited companies with up to 30 employees, companies like yours where your communication device is the lifeblood of your business. Looking after you and your interests is our only concern.

So if you’ve experienced, or are experiencing, any of the above get in touch and let us help – you won’t look back!

Our unique approach enables us to:

UNDERSTAND and VALUE our customers, every tariff and product we supply is different because every business is different and individual. A dedicated account manager and our customer service team will work alongside you so that we can understand you and your needs and help you achieve your goals moving forward.

KNOW what you want. Our unrivalled experience throughout the team at Talkplan.com ensures we have the knowledge and expertise to give you exactly what you want – We do this by simply having a ‘real’ conversation with you and more importantly listening to you.

BE CLEAR and FLEXIBLE – Have you ever been confused or angered by your networks billing, or their lack of adaptability of changes in contract and customer services help towards this?

Should your usage change or you require upgrades whilst in contract, Plan.com’s transparent online billing and asset management tool allows us to run a variety of reports in real time; we can see your usage near enough immediately therefore allowing us to adapt your tariff to further suit your needs not just at the end of the contract but right the way throughout it enabling adaptations when YOU need them.

PROMISE and DELIVER what you need now and in the future. After listening to you and understanding what you require you will receive exactly what we agree on.

No hidden costs, complete transparency and unrivalled customer support. Impressive isn’t it!